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Wall Street Journal Article and Your Comments

"Lonely Causes: Really?.... Committee to Impeach Clinton (Again) Gears Up”
Wall Street Journal - p.A1
By Barry Newman
April 19, 2000

WASHINGTON -- The Committee to Impeach the President Again has crossed Independence Avenue and is advancing on the House of Representatives when it bumps into Lewis Uhler, an antitax lobbyist. [CIC] shows him a letter the committee is hand-carrying to the Speaker of the House.

"Impeach Clinton again?" says Mr. Uhler… "It's not enough to roll him out at the end of the year and be done with it...." The lobbyist lowers his voice for seriousness: "But at least there's a chance to press him on tax cuts….”

[On Capitol Hill] today is Scott Lauf…At 28, he is a tasseled-loafer Capitol Hill regular and [CIC’s] impeach-him-again point man; on this occasion, that means he gets to tote a ream or two of letters in a cardboard box.

Also along is Jack Clayton, 60, who wears a black raincoat and stares at his feet as he talks. He says, "I come from the religious right, a term I despise. Until they acknowledge the religious left, it's a disgrace." He grew up in Alabama and sounds like a courtly preacher, with a whiff of brimstone….

Apart from a vigorous yet contained contempt for William Jefferson Clinton, what every member of the Committee to Impeach the President Again wants most is to see the guy convicted by the Senate for something….Let independent counsels and prosecutors wave white flags....

Let a prurience-pummeled public turn to electing somebody else. The impeach-him-againers are sticking to their guns. The cause is their energizer. Defeat is no excuse for surrender.

"Maybe it's over with the trial," says Mr. Lauf, "but it isn't over with us." Mr. Clayton says, "The easy way out was to say it's all about sex; anybody who says it's all about sex has a mind that's all about emptiness….”

Thus, as their friend the tax lobbyist calls, "Keep up the pressure!" the committee passes through the metal detector and into the marbled halls of the House. Their letter to House Speaker Dennis Hastert objects to a federal inquiry on the possibility of policing politics on the Internet. This bears on impeachment because the committee has a Web site


Under a statue of the late Sen. Ernest Gruening of Alaska, Mr. Lauf confers with a guard and reports: "He says we have to deliver it here. Want to go up anyway?" Unanimous, the committee makes a break for it, quickstepping past more heroic statuary until Mr. Lauf asks another guard for directions. "Where's your pass?" says the guard. The committee turns around and meanders back.

A young woman in jeans and a sweatshirt stands behind the appointments desk. "Can you call up to the Speaker's office?" Mr. Lauf asks her. He explains about delivering the letter. "Give it to me," she says. "I'll get it to the Speaker." Mr. Lauf isn't sure. "Can you stamp it with the office you represent?" he says.

"Office I represent?" says the young woman. She takes the letter, initials it and -- bang -- the Committee to Impeach the President Again is out the door.

How different it was the first time around. The committee (it was just the Committee to Impeach the President then) delivered a million petitions to Congress. The day the Starr report came out, its Web site absorbed 240,000 hits. At pivotal moments, its forces took to the sidewalks, handing out little paper cups (for White House drug tests), wearing prison outfits ("Criminals for Clinton") and overcoats in August (blizzard of lies), and giving away peaches on impeachment day. They made the Washington Times twice, the Comedy Channel once -- and evoked a rude gesture from Democratic operative James Carville's chauffeur.

"It was exhilarating," says Mr. Lauf. "It got us excited."

The committee has not forgotten. On Feb. 12, 1999, its Web site bewailed "the most shameful day in the history of the U.S. Senate," but a week after the Clinton acquittal, and every week since, it has posted an "impeachment update" bulging with impudent questions: "Is Clinton's pardon of terrorists grounds for removal?" "Is Clinton still snorting coke?"

Surfers wash up 3,000 times a day; some send money. Of course, other Billbashing sites still abound. Yet the committee's site maintains that only real steps will finally punish that man, Mr. Clinton.

Real steps of the shoe-leather kind, that is. So, with the Speaker off-limits, it's time for the men who would impeach again to step across the street for a march down the long, unpoliced halls of the Cannon House Office Building, where lesser representatives and their staffers inhabit small offices behind big doors.

And they're off, crisscrossing halls, opening doors, presenting letters, requesting responses -- and pointing out the name of their committee. Every receptionist who sees it brightens and chirps "Sure!" or "Wonderful!"

Mr. Lauf chirps back, "We're hopeful," and he smiles.

Two hours and 60 offices later, they repair to a place called Tortilla Coast, take a table, order lunch and talk strategy.

"We're calling for another inquiry," Mr. Lauf says…. "More is coming out every day." Mr. Clayton writes up a list of outstanding offenses….. : "Chickengate, Cattlegate, Chinagate . . . "

A new impeachment bombshell could land any second.

"Look how quickly the hearings and House vote took," says Mr. Lauf. "Six weeks….” On their way out, they meet another lobbyist friend and give him and a woman he's with their protest letter. "Impeach again?" the woman says in a faint voice. "Again?"

The lobbyist introduces her as Paige Ralston, deputy press secretary to none other than the Speaker of the House….

As the Committee to Impeach the President Again pushes back up Capitol Hill, Mr. Lauf has a spring in his step. "This," he says, "is going to be a great year."

[The following is a small sampling of letters of support (and hate) we have recently received from across the country in reaction to CIC’s front page coverage in the Wall Street Journal on 4/19/00. If you have comments, please feel free to e-mail us at ].


I was not a big supporter of impeachment before because I thought an honorable man would have resigned. I have been a registered Democrat and voted for "Red Bill" in the last two elections….[I] regret that this immoral person is transforming Jefferson's party of reason into a hedonist party of treason. As Democrats and Americans we can not allow this to happen.” ---Dr. Guy Di Spigno, Chicago, IL.

I support your goal 100%! In fact, I and millions of other Americans want both "slick Willy" and "slick Hilly" disbarred and imprisoned! Persist unceasingly until this mission is accomplished.” ---Clyde G Oberlander.

Yes, "Impeach Clinton again" should and must appear in every local paper and should receive more attention on TV and radio. The WSJ does not have enough spread.” ---Pieter Vanschagen.

I can't wait for the day he gets what's coming to him! Not only do I want to see him impeached again, I want to see him kicked out of office! I want to see him … in chains! ….I will be back to this site again and again to get updates. Thanks for having the courage to stand up for what's right!” ---RichR

That farce by the Congress was not an impeachment, that was a whitewash. The idiots didn't have a clue, like the dog that caught the car he was chasing.” ---Leonard Clapp.

We would like to see the man convicted. He is a real liar and needs to be expelled from office. Thanks.” --- Ed.

We are still waiting for the Congress to exercise their duty to impeach the President. Good Work. Keep it up.” ---Paul Carpenter

Every Democratic and Republican Senator who voted against the dismissal of Clinton from office after being impeached should be voted out of office when their term expires. The Democratic Senators showed the world that they are as crooked as Clinton. It boggles my mind how Clinton seems to be getting away "scot-free" with all the wrong he has done while in office. He must pay the price of justice….” ---Stan.

Well, as someone who wanted to see Clinton removed, I agree with you.” ---Dave Phelps.

You are right - as heard on the Bob Grant show today, your website is quite welcomed!” ---Judie Adams-Evans.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sending me the update!!”

This is directed to you after reading the front-page article in the WSJ. Congratulations on your continued fight to get this slime ball out of office! I personally feel that "Slick Willie" (& "Hitllary" or "Hilla the Hun") are the most egregious occupants ever to reside in the White House!” ---Roy Giampaoli


I was amazed to see the "Impeach Clinton Again" article in the WSJ this morning…. I think this relentless crusade is ridiculous…” --- Claire Aliberti.

All the time & effort you waste could be spent doing something positive but I guess its hard to think & act positively when you have such hateful minds.” --William Peterson.

You have to be kidding. Do you really need to take your insecurities out on thsi man again? … I guess you really don't realize what a joke the American people thought you were the first time around.” --Brad Nickel.

…The people hate the republicans for wasting our time and money on the stupid idea of impeaching a horny birdog for liking sex.” ---Lloyd Croskey, Seattle, WA.

Why don't you go after the real criminal presidents like Reagan and Bush.” ---Tim Nevins.

My personal opinion is that all you people should go to jail and hopefully after Pres. Clintons' term is over he will join with the rest of us to se that you do go there.” ---Jacque Sexton.

Ha ha, you can't be serious. After wasting at least $100 million of taxpayer money snooping in President Clinton's underwear drawer and failing in your impeachment attempts, you're at it again.” ---George Cast.

I don't see what you have to gain by another impeachment. I am convinced that Mr. Clinton is at best a deceiver. However, I don't have a great deal of confidence in the behavior of those in congress either. Certainly, Mr. Clinton did wrong, and perhaps deserved to be impeached. But the thing turned out to be more political than a search for the truth.” --Richard Snider.

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