Article II of the U.S. Constitution gave Presidents vaguely defined "executive power" to facilitate the functions of the federal government. Unfortunately, President Bill Clinton gravely abused this power between 1993 and January 2001 by signing into law

Environmental Regulations
Some of the worst Clinton Executive Orders have catered to the radical environmental lobby. These acts have illegally expropriated millions of acres of public land and empowered the federal government with super-regulatory powers. These unconstitutional Clinton "laws" have violated states rights and property rights and have created a whole slew of absurd bureaucratic agencies.
  • E.O. #13186 - Responsibilities of Federal Agencies To Protect Migratory Birds (1/10/01)
  • E.O. #13196 - Final Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Reserve (1/22/01)
  • E.O. #13148 - Greening Gov't thru Leadership in Environmental Management (4/21/00)
  • E.O. #13149 - Greening Gov't thru Federal Fleet and Transportation Efficiency (4/21/00)
  • E.O. #13158 - Marine Protected Areas (5/26/00)
  • E.O. #13184 - Northwestern Hawaiian Islands Coral Reef Reserve (12/4/00)
  • E.O. #13112 - Invasive Species ("Lands Legacy Initiative") (2/3/99)
  • E.O. #13114 - Amendment Extending Council on Sustainable Development (2/28/99)
  • E.O. #13123 - Greening the Gov't thru Efficient Energy Management (6/3/99)
  • E.O. #13080 - American Heritage Rivers Initiative (4/7/98)
  • E.O. #13089 - Coral Reef Protection (6/11/98)
  • E.O. #13093 - American Heritage Rivers Amendments (6/27/98)
  • E.O. #13101 - Greening the Gov't thru Waste Prevention & Recycling (9/14/98)
  • E.O. #13057 - Federal Actions in the Lake Tahoe Region (7/26/97)
  • E.O. #13053 - Adding Members to Council on Sustainable Development (6/30/97)
  • E.O. #13061 - Federal Support of American Heritage Rivers (9/11/97)
  • E.O. #13045 - Protection of Children from Environmental Risks (4/21/97)
  • E.O. #13031 - Federal Alternative Fueled Vehicle Leadership (12/13/96)
  • E.O. #13007 - Indian Sacred Sites (5/24/96)
  • E.O. #12996 - Management of National Wildlife Refuge System (3/25/96)
  • E.O. #12915 - Implementation of N.A. Agreement on Environ. Cooperation (5/13/94)
  • E.O. #12916 - Implementation of Border Environment Commission (5/13/94)
  • E.O. #12904 - Creation of Environment, Labor, Border Commissions (3/16/94)
  • E.O. #12905 - Trade & Environment Policy Advisory Committee (3/25/94)
  • E.O. #12898 - Environmental Justice for Minority Populations (2/11/94)
  • E.O. #12895 - North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission (1/26/94)
  • E.O. #12894 - North Pacific Marine Science Organization (1/26/94)
  • E.O. #12852 - President's Council on Sustainable Development (6/29/93)
  • E.O. #12845 - Require Agencies to Buy Energy Efficient Computers (4/21/93)
  • E.O. #12844 - Federal Use of Alternative Fueled Vehicles (4/21/93)
  • E.O. #12843 - Federal Procurement Rules Re: Ozone-Depleting Substances (4/21/93)
[NOTE: President Bush has temporarily halted several last-minute Clinton land-grabs at least until March 13th. These have not been enacted into law yet and are not listed in the Federal Register].

Homosexual Rights
Clinton has kowtowed to the radical homosexual lobby by elevating them to top posts in the federal government and granting them special rights and privileges above normal Americans. His most famous order regarding gays in the military was issued as a "PDD" (see below):

  • E.O. #13087 - Equal Employment Opportunity Based on Sexual Orientation (5/28/98)
  • E.O. #13160 - Nondiscrimination on Sexual Orientation in Federal Education & Training (6/23/00)
  • E.O. #13140 - Amend Military Court-Martial Manual Re: Hate Crimes (10/6/99)
Quotas, Affirmative Action & Political Correctness
These Clinton E.O.s pander to every liberal special-interest group. They impose quotas and set-asides in federal hiring; grant federal favors to ethnic minorities at the expense of whites; promote foreign languages over English; and infringe upon the personal liberties of American citizens.
  • E.O. #13199 - Improve Access for Persons with Limited English Proficiency (8/11/00
  • E.O. #13189 - Federal Interagency Task Force on District of Columbia
  • E.O. #13050 - President's Advisory Board on Race (6/13/97)
  • E.O. #13009 - Presidential Council on HIV/AIDS (Amendments) (6/14/96)
  • E.O. #12988 - Civil Justice Reform (2/5/96)
  • E.O. #12989 - Efficiency in Gov't Procurement w/ INS Provisions (2/13/96)
  • E.O. #12963 - Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (6/14/95)
  • E.O. #12926 - Implementation of National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (9/12/94)
  • E.O. #12928 - Procurement for Black Colleges & Minority Institutions (9/16/94)
  • E.O. #12900 - Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans (2/22/94)
  • E.O. #12892 - Leadership of Fair Housing in Federal Programs (1/17/94)
  • E.O. #12876 - Historically Black Colleges & Universities (11/1/93)
  • E.O. #12848 - Federal Plan to Fight Homelessness (5/19/93)
  • E.O. #13163 - Increase Employment of Handicapped in Federal Gov't (6/26/00)
  • E.O. #13171 - Increase Employment of Hispanics in Federal Gov't (10/12/00))
  • E.O. #13125 - Increase Asian Americans in Federal Programs (6/7/99)
  • E.O. #13043 - Increasing Seat Belt Use in the United States (4/16/97)
  • E.O. #13058 - Protect Federal Employees from Tobacco Smoke (8/9/97)
  • E.O. #13193 - Federal Leadership on Global Tobacco Control (1/18/01)
These Clinton orders have surrendered American sovereignty to global institutions and foreign governments.
  • E.O. #13107 - Implementation of Human Rights Treaties (12/10/98)
  • E.O. #13028 - Implementation of Enterprise for the Americas (Amendments) (12/3/96)
  • E.O. #13042 - Implementation of World Trade Organization Agreement (4/9/97)
  • E.O. #12889 - Implementation of North American Free Trade Agreement (12/27/93)
National Emergency Powers
Incredible it may seem to believe, these Clinton Executive Orders allow for the creation of a "martial law" dictatorship during a "national emergency" by according FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) full control over the nation's economy and infrastructure. Likewise, all states would be forced to cede their rights and powers to the federal government.
  • E.O. #13132 - Federalism-Suspend 10th Amendment (8/4/99)
  • E.O. #12919 - National Defense Industrial Resources Preparedness (6/3/94)
Internet Regulation
The following E.O.s have been Clinton's attempt to have the feds regulate and control free speech and commerce on the World Wide Web.
  • E.O. #13133 - Working Group on Unlawful Conduct on the Internet (8/5/99)
  • E.O. #13035 - Advisory Committee on Next Generation Internet (2/11/97)
CIC recommends that all concerned Americans contact President Bush and demand that he revoke the above Clinton Executive Orders:
    President George W. Bush
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500
    (202) 456-1414 (Phone)
    (202) 456-2461 (Fax) (E-Mail)
Members of Congress should also be contacted. Demand that they approve the Separation of Powers Act (formerly H.R. 2655) and the Executive Orders Limitation Act (formerly S. 1795), both of which rein in the "executive power" of the President and restore the principles of federalism. [NOTE: Both bills will be reintroduced in the 107th Congress with new legislative numbers]. To read the full texts of the above Clinton Executive Orders, please visit the following website: National Archives and Records Administration

Clinton Presidential Decision Directives (PDDs)

President Clinton issued over 80 secret "Presidential Decision Directives" (PDDs) that are not published in the Federal Register (some are not even numbered), but they hold the same effect as "Executive Orders" and often pose more danger to the U.S. constitution. Congress must commence investigations into Clinton's PDDs. And President Bush must revoke the following:
  • PDD "Don't Ask/ Don't Tell" Policy (1993): Instead of issuing a simpler E.O., Clinton handed down a PDD to enforce his promotion of homosexuals in the military. The Bush White House and DoD have yet to undo this damage.
  • PDD-25 "U.N. Commanders" (1994): This directive places U.S. military troops under the direct command of the United Nations in the event of global war.
  • PDD-62 "Project Meggido" (1999): This directive was issued on the pretext of fighting "terrorism," but empowers the FBI to conduct illegal surveillance on Christian churches and second-amendment organizations.
  • PDD-63 "Big Brother" (1999): Allows executive branch agencies like the CIA and NSA to illegally spy on the electronic communications of private citizens using the Internet.
  • PDD "Global Court" (2000): Bypassing the treaty authority of the U.S. Senate, Clinton illegally made the U.S. a signatory to the International Criminal Court (ICC).




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